Full Curtain Systems – Everything You will Need

Curtains for Barns offers complete ag curtain systems with all the components you will need for a optimized ventilation system. Choosing a Curtains for Barn’s ag curtain package for your barn makes ventilation a breeze. Our ag curtains come with either manual gear drives or fully automated so you can control your curtains 24/7.

Curtains for Barns have found their way into many applications and different types of buildings, not just dairy buildings. Our ag curtains can be used on any building to help with ventilation. If you have a building that you are interested in adding curtains to, give us a call and we will discuss the options!

See psu.edu for a few basic requirements for natural ventilation.


Ag Curtain’s System Components

Learn more about the components that make up a Curtains for Barn’s Complete Ag Curtain Systems. Hover over each number to see what each item is and then read more about each item below.

  1. Vinyl Curtain Material
    Our curtains are made out of 16oz. high quality vinyl material. They are weather resistant & low maintenance.
  2. Clear PVC Window (Clear View Curtains only)
    Our Clear View Curtains feature a crystal clear PVC window that is heat welded into the curtain providing an ultra-strong seal.
  3. Aluminum Keder Tubing
  4. Galvanized Bird Wire
    Birdwire protects your curtains from and animals and equipment. We also offer a hot-dipped galvanized heavy duty after weld birdwire with PVC coating on top making it rust resistant which is extremely important.
  5. Wind Strap Curtain Systems (Standard)
    To keep your curtains in place on windy days we use a wind strap system.
  6. Wind Pipes (Optional)
    We also have wind pipes as an optional upgrade. Wind pipes are more durable and stable than straps.
  7. Drive Motors
  8. Full Curtain Automation Systems
    Read more about our Full Curtain Automation Systems here